Spot’s Pet Dog Training Course: Level 2 & Beyond

For all dogs and handlers who have completed Spot’s Pet Dog Training Course Level 1. Maximum 6 dogs per class.

Spot’s Pet Dog Training Course Level 2 is a fun 6-week course that is designed to extend all those skills that you and your Spot worked with in the Pet Dog Level 1 Course.

This course will include games and low impact equipment that will be fun for you and Spot but at the same time will help to consolidate your training. Each week we will set you a challenge to work on with your dog.

During the 5 weeks we will revise and expand those important basics of:

  • Attention
  • Stay
  • Recall
  • Drop
  • Lead Walking
  • Sit

We will begin to work on getting Spot to SIT, DROP & STAY from a distance. We will work on Voice cues only then hand signals only.

We will work on ‘proofing ‘ each exercise so that your dog becomes more reliable. Recalls will be practised with the long leads calling your dog away from distractions. We even include ‘café training’ so your dog learns nice manners when out for coffee!

As always with Spot’s courses we will allow some time for looking at those individual problems that we all face from time to time.

For those handlers & dogs that enjoy training, this class is designed to be ongoing, teams that are more advanced will be given more challenging skills to work on.


Cost: $140 for 6 Classes

Call for the next available class.