Spot’s Pet Dog Training Course: Level 1

Spot’s Pet Dog Training Course: Level 1

For puppies 12 -16 weeks (fully vaccinated) & older puppies. Maximum 4 dogs per class.

Spot’s Pet Dog Training Course: Level 1 is an innovative and comprehensive course that is designed to provide you with the information and training to assist your dog to become a social and productive member of your family and the community.

The training methods used are gentle, positive and reward based. These methods help you to develop a strong relationship with your dog.

The skills and knowledge you acquire from this course will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge to assist you in addressing your dog’s needs throughout all stages of its life.

  1. PRIVATE LESSON (1 Hour duration)
  • Beginning with a one on one session allows me to meet all dogs before they are placed in a group class
  • Owner Education: How dogs learn; Introduction to Positive Reinforcement Training; Pack Structure the real story; Puppy home life & Introduction to Clicker Training
  • Individual assistance with problem solving
  1. GROUP CLASSES (6 x 1hour sessions)
  • Small group classes allow you to begin working with the distraction of other dogs and people and to continue with your dog’s social education.
  • Owner Education is an integral part of each class, especially in regard to building a positive relationship with your dog.
  • Skills covered in class will include:
    • Attention on Owner
    • Sit
    • Drop
    • Recalls
    • Loose Lead Walking
    • Stay / Mat training
    • Polite Interactions with Dogs & People
    • Calming your Dog
    • Leave it
    • Doorway Manners
  • Owner Education covered in class:
    • Dog Body Language
    • Appropriate Socialization
    • Environmental Enrichment
    • Problem Behaviour Prevention
    • Further Training

Notes and homework sheets will be provided each week, please keep these in your Folders.

Cost: $270 – includes your training kit: iclicker, treat bag, folder and notes

Classes available Saturdays & Sundays – call for the next available class.