Puppy Preschool

Being a puppy is one of the most important stages in a dog’s life. When you bring your new puppy home at age 8 – 12 weeks is the perfect time to begin socialisation. Everything the puppy sees and experiences will have a great effect on how he behaves as an adult. During this period it is important to expose your puppy to as many things and experiences as possible in a non-threatening way. This socialisation period has been classed as a ‘critical period’ for the formation of social relationships. Puppy Preschool is a four-week program for puppies aged 8 – 12 wks who have had a minimum of one vaccination. The program focuses on owner education, socialisation experiences and puppy manners.

Owner Learns:

  • How to deal with puppy mouthing
  • Toilet training
  • Good Manners – not jumping on people
  • Positive Training Methods – when to reward your puppy
  • Introducing new experiences in life

Puppy learns:

  • To respond to his name
  • Appropriate toileting
  • Bite inhibition
  • Settling
  • Appropriate manners around other puppies
  • Sit and drop
  • Accept grooming and handling
  • Come when called
  • Introduction to a lead

Puppy Preschool is held on Monday Evenings over 4 weeks,  6.30 – 7.30 pm

Pascoe Vale Veterinary Hospital
Cnr Derby St & Kent Rd
Pascoe Vale
9359 2955